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What mortgage choices are available to independent real estate investors?

by hussainjani759

Are you an independent real estate investor trying to find the best mortgage rates for your real estate investment? Investing in a property is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and that is why getting a mortgage to buy a property is what many investors are planning for. You may find it difficult to borrow money from mortgage lenders as they will need two or more years of proof to know whether you will be able to pay the mortgage on time and other lenders expect higher deposits. 

If you want to secure a suitable mortgage option then you can get the professional help of the estate agents in Brighton as they will offer you the excellent guidance you require. Find out the available mortgage choices offered for independent real estate investors to experience a smooth investment journey. 

If you are an independent investor planning to find a great mortgage option there are many products available for you to invest in property. The mortgage broker has the expertise to handle and look through a wide range of mortgage options in the market. Therefore you can ask your estate agents to find the best mortgage broker to make your property investment journey successful. 

You may have to offer the mortgage lenders evidence like your passport and driving licence as proof of your identity. Also, most lenders will want to see your six months’ worth of bank statements and proof of deposit money. On the other hand, your credit score is important too as it will show the lenders that you can pay back the money you borrowed. 

Further, it is worth saving as much as money you can for having a bigger deposit to get attractive mortgage rates. 

  • Help to Buy 

If you want to get a mortgage to invest in a property then you can apply for the equity loan scheme known as Help to Buy. It is a beneficial option to buy a newly built property for investment purposes. You will be able to borrow up to 20% of the purchase price for homes valued up to £600,000 and it is also free of interest for five years for a deposit of at least 5%. This scheme will help you to start your independent investment journey with a flourish. 

  • Shared ownership 

As an independent investor, you can also try buying part of a property with the mortgage amount you get and renting the remaining part of the property for a decreased rate. In this way, you will be able to buy the whole property after you get the required amount. So this is also an amazing scheme for independent real estate investors aiming to get a mortgage to invest in a property. 

Getting a mortgage

The circumstances of every mortgage borrower are unique so as a result you may find mortgage lenders who are willing to pay you a bigger mortgage loan than the others. Therefore, you can shop around for the best mortgage rates and also make yourself qualified for it. Know what the mortgage lenders will weigh up for making you a great offer.

Household income 

The mortgage lenders will check all your outgoings like credit cards, membership, loans and day-to-day expenses. They will calculate all of these before making you an offer. So keep your expenses to make a better impression on the mortgage lenders.

Value of property 

As a general rule the bigger your deposit the better the mortgage rate will be. But the important aspect is also the value of the property you are going to invest in. The mortgage lender will require an accurate property valuation before lending you the amount you need. You can book an appointment with an estate agent who will tour your property and will provide an accurate estimate of it.


The mortgage lender will prepare an estimate of what you can afford by looking through your cash flows and the current assets available. It  will help them know if you can afford to pay the mortgage on time. 

Enjoy a smooth property investment 

If you want to know about the mortgage choices available for you, get in touch with the best estate agents operating in Brighton. They will offer you excellent service and provide you with reference to the reputed mortgage lenders in the area. Use this opportunity to invest in an amazing property and enjoy its benefits.

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